Guidelines for Contributors

Note: Our highest priority for submissions right now is the migration of links from the old iTanakh to the new iTanakh. Migration of the following pages is currently in progress:

  • Genesis (contributor: Chris Heard)

If you’d like to help, choose an old page that you’d like to bring over into the new format, then contact cheard at pepperdine dot edu to “sign up” for a page. You can go ahead and start working on your page using the instructions below; the “signup” process is just to avoid duplication of work, and only affects the bullet list immediately above, not the functionality of the site. Please do not transfer over any listings that don’t meet the new editorial guidelines given below; this includes book reviews, which will be omitted from the new iTanakh.

Before you submit a link to iTanakh, please ensure that it meets iTanakh’s criteria for inclusion. (Please note that some listings in the old iTanakh don’t meet the new guidelines, and will be weeded out during the migration process.) To be listed in iTanakh, a source must be:

  • Available freely online to anyone with web access.
  • A peer-reviewed or editor-reviewed work published under the auspices of an organization larger than the author.
  • Of sufficient academic quality to be cited in a typical undergraduate paper.

If you’d like to submit a link to iTanakh, please verify that the source meets the criteria outlined above and that it’s not already listed in iTanakh, and then follow these easy steps:

  • Click the “Submit” button on the top menu bar.
  • On the new page that appears, under the “Listing Information” heading, type or paste in the relevant data as follows. All fields are required; omitting any  of these fields will keep your listing out of the database.
    • Title: Enter the listing’s title, using title case for capitalization (as prescribed in the SBL Handbook of Style). Consult existing listings for models if you’re unsure about the format.
    • Category: Choose at least one category from the menu. Drill down to the lowest-level applicable category. For a listing treating Genesis 1, for example, choose the category “Primeval Narratives.” Do not select any of the “parent” categories; for example, do not assign a listing to both the “Primeval Narratives” and “Genesis” categories; use only “Primeval Narratives.” (The system will automatically assume that the listing also belongs to all ancestor categories of the category selected.) You can select up to ten categories (in different category families), but should rarely use more than three. (Some listings on the Twelve Prophets might actually need more than ten, but the software only accommodates ten.)
    • Short Description: Include the author’s name (mutatis mutandis for multiple authors) and basic bibliographical information, as if forming a footnote per SBL Handbook of Style guidelines, but omit the listing’s name (since it will be displayed in large letters above this short description). This field does not support italics or any other kind of formatting. Consult existing listings for models if you’re unsure about the format.
    • Main Description: Enter the citation for the listing, following SBL Handbook of Style guidelines for bibliography entries. Consult existing listings for models if you’re unsure about the format. If an abstract is available, include it as well. If no abstract is available, you might choose to copy over the introductory paragraph or the thesis statement. The citation is required; the abstract/thesis is optional.
    • Tags/Keywords: Add any key terms that can help users find this listing more easily, and that helps give researchers a better idea of the content than the broad categories can do. For example, if the listing is about Genesis 4, you might include tags like Cain, Abel, murder, fratricide, sacrifice, semi-nomadic pastoralism, or whatever you find appropriate.
    • Contact Email: Enter your e-mail address. If this is the first time you’ve contributed, the system will automatically create an account for you. You can then edit your profile and track your contributions to show how much you’ve helped iTanakh!
    • Website Address: Put the link to your listing here. This is critical!
  • Click the “Continue” button.
  • Review the information you entered, correct any mistakes, then click the “Continue” button again.

That’s all it takes! All submissions must pass through editorial review, so your listing won’t show up right away. Please be patient with the process!