Gamers help Haiti

Yesterday, DriveThruRPG added a “product” called Gamers Help Haiti! If you “buy” this product for $5 or $10 (your choice), DTRPG will match your “purchase” price and send the result to Doctors Without Borders Haiti Earthquake Response. Please consider helping the Haitian people through a donation such as this.

If you prefer to donate to the Red Cross instead of Doctors Without Borders, text HAITI to 90999. Your $10 donation will be included with your next phone bill.

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  1. DriveThruRPG is also adding a $20 donation bundle. As a publisher, I received an email asking me to add to the bundle, so I know it’s coming soon. All $20 of each purchase will go to helping Haiti. So far, the bundle contains over $400 of pdfs; I added The Lunar Scrolls and Rugged Adventures.

    According to the email, if you’ve already donated, you’ll receive a coupon for your donation amount which you can use toward the bundle.


  2. As an update, that bundle is now live and has sold over 1300 copies. I know because I’ve gotten a sales notification email for each one.


  3. Actually it might be about half that many; I realized that I’m getting two emails for every one copy sold, since I have two products in the bundle. But I’m getting more emails every few minutes, so I’m sure it hasn’t gotten anywhere near it’s final sales number yet.


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