Icosahedrophilia Podcast, Episode 184: Cold Air, Part 6

Our previous episode closed with the crew of the Broken Promise fighting to retake their ship, which had once again been commandeered by bugbear pirates. In this episode, the battle concludes, with a big surprise or two waiting for our heroes below decks! Please listen now to episode 184, “Cold Air, Part 6,” or subscribe via iTunesZune, or plain old RSS!

This episode features the following segments:

Weighing Anchor

I call for your initiative roll.

The Staging Area

I briefly summarize the campaign backstory and review the situation at the end of “Cold Air, Part 5.”

The Weather Report

Our heroes retake the Broken Promise from Gnash’s pirate crew, and find a couple of big surprises waiting for them below decks! (Sorry, but I don’t have a good photo to share for this segment.)

The Crew Manifest

All seven standard players were aboard ship for this adventure! That is a rare treat!

The Prop Shop

I reveal the backstory behind one of the big surprises that comes at the end of this adventure.

Sea Shanties

As always, our theme and bumper music comes from “Racing the Wind” and “Gallows Jig,” from the album Phantoms of the High Seas by Nox Arcana, ©2008 Monolith Graphics. “The Horror from the Hills” also features, in the background, several tracks from Erdenstern’s album Into the White, © 2010 Erdenstern. All tracks are used by permission of the copyright holders.

I hope that you enjoy(ed) listening to “Cold Air, Part 6,” and that you’ll continue to listen as we launch into our next long adventure arc! (I’m still doing a bit of work on the titles.) If you’d like to support the show, please buy something using one of our affiliate links in the sidebar, or check out the “Tale of Two Servers” post for a more direct way to help. Thanks, and see you next time!

2 Comments on Icosahedrophilia Podcast, Episode 184: Cold Air, Part 6

  1. Nice fight with a long-time foe. The party really showed a lot of excellent tactics this time.

  2. Great episode, as always. Was nice to see the team finally get their hands (and blades and spells and hammers) on Nash again. Loved the reveal at the end welcoming back a character I enjoyed and I look forward to seeing their new iteration.

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