Icosahedrophilia Podcast, Episode 178: The Horror from the Hills, Part 7

Adventure fans, we’ve reached the final episode of “The Horror from the Hills!” In our last episode, our heroes escorted some rescued villagers back to town, but the local raja was revealed to be a treacherous rakshasa who tried to renege on his deal with the PCs! The adventurers were therefore reduced to fighting to obtain a sliver of the godslayer shard. The battle to obtain the sliver concludes in this episode—but not all of the PCs will make it out alive! Please listen now or subscribe via iTunesZune, or plain old RSS!

By the way, I’m sorry that I failed to publish this episode last Wednesday, as scheduled. The main distraction was setting up a new independent game company. Learn all about it on the Novetus Games website!

This episode features the following segments:

Weighing Anchor

I call for your initiative roll.

The Staging Area

I briefly summarize the campaign backstory and review the situation at the end of “The Horror from the Hills, Part 6.”

The Weather Report

In pursuit of a godslayer shard sliver, the PCs battle a rakshasa raja and his attendants—with fatalities on both sides!

The Prop Shop

I just say a few words to get us to the credits.

Sea Shanties

As always, our theme and bumper music comes from “Racing the Wind” and “Gallows Jig,” from the album Phantoms of the High Seas by Nox Arcana, ©2008 Monolith Graphics. “The Horror from the Hills” also features, in the background, several tracks from Erdenstern’s album Into the Green, © 2007 Erdenstern. All tracks are used by permission of the copyright holders.

I hope that you enjoy(ed) listening to “The Horror from the Hills, Part 7!” This adventure has concluded, but I hope you’ll rejoin us when the campaign continues in “Cold Air, Part 1”!

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  1. Ah, I’ve been eagerly anticipating the follow-up. Although I’m quite worried who’s going to shuffle off their mortal coil.

    Also, I’ve shared your Novetus link around my crowd, since languages are my other main interest. Hopefully you’ll be hearing from them too (look out for Celts…).

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