Icosahedrophilia Podcast, Episode 154: Fathoms Below, Part 4

Here we area again, adventure fans! I hope you’re ready for an exciting conclusion to the Broken Promise crew’s battle against a ravenous giant electric eel and other hungry deep-sea predators! “Fathoms Below, Part 4” brings the “Fathoms Below” adventure to a shocking end—so please listen now or subscribe via iTunesZune, or plain old RSS! Follow the “more to say” link below for a rundown of all the segments, as well as links to the stat blocks (in PDF and Monster Builder format) of the creatures the PCs faced in this undersea battle.

This episode features the following segments:

Weighing Anchor

Ethan Parker of the Gamer’s Haven podcast calls for your initiative roll.

The Staging Area

I briefly summarize the campaign backstory (referring listeners to the Story Thus Far recap episode for a more detailed history of the campaign). I also briefly recap parts 1 through 3 of “Fathoms Below.”

The Weather Report

The PCs who are still on their feet try to defend themselves and their fallen comrades from hungry undersea predators!

The Prop Shop

I comment very briefly on the developments in this episode, and fill you in on my President’s Day weekend plans—which, as usual, involve OrcCon. I also promise to provide the stat blocks for the custom monsters used in this adventure, and here’s the fulfillment of that promise: you can download the stat blocks in PDF or Adventure Tools/Monster Builder format. Most of these creatures were built on a war shark chassis, with some parts switched in and out to make each species distinctive. If you haven’t seen the photos, step back to the show notes for episode 153.

Sea Shanties

As always, our theme and bumper music comes from “Racing the Wind” and “Gallows Jig,” from the album Phantoms of the High Seas by Nox Arcana, ©2008 Monolith Graphics. This episode also features, in the background, “Leviathan” by Erdenstern, from the album Into the Blue, ©2008 Erdenstern. All tracks are used by permission of the copyright holders.

I hope that you enjoy(ed) listening to “Fathoms Below, Part 4,” and that you’ll join us when the campaign continues in “Common Cause, Part 1”!

6 Comments on Icosahedrophilia Podcast, Episode 154: Fathoms Below, Part 4

  1. Certainly “electrifying”.

    We had our first battle with a solo monster this past weekend, and it was certainly a tough battle, but didn’t compare to what you threw at them.

    If only I hadn’t used up my daily before (lesson learned).

  2. Jason E. (Alanso) // February 25, 2013 at 6:45 pm // Reply

    Thanks–as always–for the podcast and the original adventure; I was feeling the pressure while listening even though I know what happens! ;-)
    One correction: the “Crew Manifest” in the “Fathoms Below” episodes all had Ryan introducing himself playing Alanso, when, in fact, I was playing Alanso during the session.

  3. Amazing battle! This was a very fun listen–a very good demonstartion on how to keep a long running battle interesting for all of the players.

    Thanks for posting this!

  4. Looking forward to the next Episode and what is in store for the Future!


  5. hey, you probably won’t see this, but Mr. DM, I just wanted to say that this is an awesome podcast, I’m only on episode 16 so far, but I have to say, I am compelled to listen (for the foreseeable future), for the following reasons:
    1) you are the DM I always wanted to be (the model of helpful impartiality,oxymoronic i know)
    2) your scenarios are engaging (lovecraftion), inspiring(a module where drinkable water is the goal?!??! amazing), and and entertaining (hotel California in D&D form? whaaaaaaaat?)
    3) immaculate (detailed props, maps, and individuation of NPC’s)

    the only thing i could ever so humbly suggest is the following:
    when a player rolls a nat. 20 and/or calls an incredibly difficult shot: take a moment
    take a moment
    and describe in heroic terms, the results of that action:
    “ok, you need to make an acrobatics check to jump from this ship to the goblin warship,
    then you need to make a to-hit check against the goblin’s AC”
    “ok, you rolled a natural 20, and you hit the goblin, and your special attack allows you to shift the goblin one space, and you chose to shove him into the firepit?:”
    “ok, Tyria runs across, and vaults ‘like a diver on a springboard’ from your gangplant, to the goblin ship, she then (while midair) stabs the goblin through the chest, and then, kicks the corpse into the firepit while yelling “this is spartaaaa!”

  6. A cliffhanger?! You are an evil man! Love the podcast, can’t wait for more!

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