You, me, and D&D

I know that many of you are probably wondering what has happened to the Icosahedrophilia podcast. Well, three factors have contributed to the very long delay since the last episode.

First, my fall semester has proved very demanding. I agreed to develop and teach a new course, which has eaten up a lot of time.

Second, I’m over a year behind on a book project, and I’ve found it necessary to take discretionary time that used to be spent on gaming and divert it to research and writing. That includes time that I used to spend processing audio, writing scripts, and recording Staging Areas and Prop Shops.

Third, I’ve gotten kind of burned out on D&D role-playing. I think maybe the announcement of D&D Next, some 18 months or so before its eventual release, took some of the wind out of my 4e sails (never mind 4e sales). I’m not burned out on D&D as a brand; I really like Dungeon Command, I love Lords of Waterdeep, and I’m itching to play Dungeon with my kids. But on the whole, I’m far more interested in superhero role-playing right now, specifically Icons, than I am in any kind of fantasy role-playing.

Please understand: this is not an announcement of cancellation of the podcast! I still have enough audio for a good twelve episodes or more to come, as well as ideas for additional adventures. This post is just straight talk to faithful friends of the podcast, to let you know what’s up.

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  1. Thanks for the update Chris, it is at least good to know there were no issues with the family. Take all the time you need, I know many of us hope to see more in the future if it works out, There is not another live game podcast, aside from the Acq. Inc. games that Perkins runs possibly, on a far more limited schedule, that is of the quality you produce. Thanks for what you have done so far.

  2. Good to hear all is well! Since all my “live-games” podcasts suddenly dried up, i was worried i fudged up something in my iTunes .. Hope to hear the rest of the adventures soon!

  3. I’m sorry to hear that you’re burned out, and as a fellow academic, I completely understand the time crunch that goes with semesters and scholarship. But as a fan, I do miss the adventures, and would be glad to hear how your campaign played out. Even if you decide to release the remaining episodes without the heavy editing you usually do (music, prop shop, etc), I’d still be glad to listen.

  4. Chris, let me 1st say “Thanks!” for everything you’ve done with the podcast so far. You don’t owe anyone anything, and if you stopped now, you have already given us so much. You have created a coherent story, dealt with the departure and addition of new players and new rules changes as they came up. You’ve played with new ways to run skill challenges, built innovative 3D sets and shared the process here. Your story is yet unfinished, and I would love to see how it ends. I hope you find the time to complete your story.
    Jason E.

  5. Chris – thanks for the update. I thank you for the amazing podcasts that you have done for so long. Be blessed in all your projects and I look forward to your return to podcasting if that works out. The podcasts and game were awesome. You always did a really great job!

  6. Thank you, Chris. I know it may seem like thankless work, but I’ve honestly really enjoyed the plot that you have put together. It really seemed like it was on a steep incline and just kept getting better and better. I know how burnouts go, though. Hopefully you’ll get the itch again :)

  7. The quality of your podcast, the creativity and style of your DM-ing (sorry, not a word), and the personalities of the PCs (your friends) makes any wait worthwhile.
    On an aside, DnD next seems like a step back to DnD3.5. I had a chance to read the play test rules this weekend and the similarities to 3.5/pathfinder were unmistakable. Each class having individual mechanics, caster levels, saving throws etc were all old school. Seems contrary to what they were attempting to do with 4E by standardising classes (everything is a power) and saves (no more tables or different spell saves) to make it more accessible.
    Perhaps Wotc ate trying to win back those masses who stuck with 3.5/pathfinder?

  8. Check out 13th Age too. That is closer to 4E, but with smoother mechanisms.

  9. understood. My two D&D games took a dive around the same time b/c of my busy personal schedule in combination with the D&D Next announcement as well.

    thanks for letting us know. I’m so glad to hear that you still have 12 or so episodes of audio already in the bank.

    Still, this is the best D&D campaign podcast that I’ve ever heard and it has both taught and inspired me as a DM.

  10. Chirs, thanks for all that you have given the community & I cannot wait for your eventual return!

    The impact of D&D Next is for me mostly negative, as well…

    I have basically stopped listening to the deisgn discussion–I mean Monte is doing so much cooler stuff with Numenera & the WotC guys are following a format that is rather boring at this point — what about Orcs? What about Dragons? What about Kobolds? etc. I mean really? We need community imput into an initiative system? I guess I am not really a game designer at heart, more of a player.

    In any event, I hope to see you at ORCCON!

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