The secret origin of Steamwreck

SteamwreckOver on the ICONS e-mail list, we’re currently having a fun little round-robin activity called “Font of Heroes,” initiated by Joe Bardales. In sequence, each of us creates an ICONS hero or villain based on a TrueType font that’s freely available on the web—chosen for us by the person before us in the sequence (the first entrant’s font was chosen by the last entrant in sequence). After posting the hero, each of us picks a font for the next entrant in the sequence. So far, the fonts chosen have been Scab, G.I. Icognito, and the one I received, Steamwreck. The first thing I thought of from the name was “the Living Locomotive.” I played around with other ideas, but kept coming back to that. Click on Steamwreck’s image (or right here) to download his criminal record!

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