Season 4 of the Icosahedrophilia podcast

Greetings, adventure fans! It’s been a couple of weeks since I posted anything here on the Icosahedrophilia blog, and almost a couple of months since I published the last installment in our recent Special Edition story arc on the podcast.

Since I got home from vacation around July 19 (my 45th birthday), Ive been largely in down periscope mode trying to get ready for the academic year (most of you probably already know that Im a college professor). Ive also been doing some volunteer copy-editing for Fainting Goat Games on their ICONS products.

Sometime in early September—probably not Labor Day weekend, but about a week later—well kick off what Im calling Season 4 of the Icosahedrophilia podcast! I hope you can think of the last eight weeks as the rerun season, like on TV. When you last heard from the crew of the Broken Promise, theyd been ejected from the depths of the Underdark into the depths of the sea! What adventures await them? Well … youll find out in just a week or two, so stay tuned!

6 Comments on Season 4 of the Icosahedrophilia podcast

  1. I’ve finally caught up after over a year of entertainment, can’t wait for the next installment!

  2. Glad you guys are coming back! Looking forward to continuing the adventure. (We missed you!)

  3. fantastic news!

  4. Sweet! Cannot wait to hear the new stuff!!!


  5. After a late discovery of your podcast, I’m getting close to being up to date. Really looking forward to the ‘new season’, thanks Chris to you and your players for so much entertainment!

  6. Looking forward to the next set of adventures…and seeing what else the crew of the Broken Promise breaks in their wake! :P

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