DriveThruRPG reviews for July 29–August 11, 2012

The first two weeks of August proved pretty hectic for me, so I only managed to review three items—three really good items—for DriveThruRPG during that time.

  • Ruined Gate by T. H. Gulliver and Jonathan Roberts for Rite Publishing. Since I don’t play Pathfinder and don’t know anything about the “ransomed” adventure to which this product is linked, I approached the “Ruined Gate” solely with an interest in the miniatures-scale battlemap. On that score, Jonathan Roberts does not disappoint. The map depicts a long U-shaped cavern corridor that bends around a small three-room gatehouse. It’s a nice standalone map, and the area descriptions are useful and suggestive even if you’re not running the larger linked adventure. Presumably, it just gets better if you link it with the other related maps (like the “Ruined Guardhouse”). ★★★★★
  • Jailbreak by Eddy Webb for Adamant Entertainment. Put your superheroes in the slammer, and pit them against a villain who’s part Arcade, part Riddler, and part Scarlet Witch—that’s what Eddy Webb helps you do in “Jailbreak.” (Read more at DriveThruRPG.) ★★★★★
  • The Skeletron Key by Steve Kenson for Adamant Entertainment. In “The Skeletron Key,” Steve Kenson takes a fairly classic plotline of advanced technology run amok and turns it into a fun adventure for ICONS. The adventure is fairly straightforward, and shouldn’t be difficult for even a beginning GM to run, although it lacks some of the more direct (and useful) GM advice given in some of Adamant’s later ICONS adventures. … Pesky punctuation errors aside, “The Skeletron Key” is a worthwhile addition to any ICONS library. (Read more at DriveThruRPG.) ★★★★★
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