The secret origin of General Welfare

My two sons and I recently started a shared-world ICONS campaign. My son Nathan (14) has GMed everything thus far, and we’ve played all of our game sessions thus far while riding cross-country in the car on our summer vacation. Our campaign world has had metahumans in it for some time. Major independent superhero teams have sprung up in New York City, Dallas-Fort Worth, Chicago, and Los Angeles. The Department of Justice has also formed superheroic “response teams” based in the same locations, except that the Eastern Response Team works out of Washington, D.C., not New York City. I’ll tell you more about all that later on. This post introduces you to General Welfare, my PC in the current adventure arc, a patriotic superhero who pays homage to my all-time favorite, Captain America, and borrows a trick from DC’s Superboy. I had originally designed a different hero for the current adventure arc, but found that we really needed someone with a different personality and social profile in order to advance the plot. I proposed retconning and pretending like it had been General Welfare all along. My son agreed, so here we are! Just click here or on the General’s picture to download a PDF with his statistics, backstory, and role-playing notes.

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