Icosahedrophilia Podcast, Episode 144: Kiss of the Spider-Woman, Part 1

The next installment in the Stormhaven campaign—”Kiss of the Spider-Woman”—launches right now, adventure fans, and will carry us through to our sesquicentennial episode! a Please listen now to episode 144 of the Icosahedrophilia podcast or subscribe via iTunes, Zune, or plain old RSS. In this episode, our heroes conclude their business in Erelhei-Cinlu and travel, under Lolth’s guidance, to the deepest reaches of the Underdark in search of Torog.

This episode features the following segments:

Weighing Anchor

Zachary Johnson explains why he’s (one of) the Gamerati, and I call for your initiative roll.

The Staging Area

I briefly summarize the campaign backstory (referring listeners to the new season recap episodes for seasons 1, 2, and 3 for a more detailed history of the campaign). I also summarize our previous adventure, “A Sort of Homecoming,” in more detail. This episode’s Crew Manifest features a former player, Brian, substituting for Jason, who couldn’t attend this session.

The Weather Report

Our heroes conclude their business in Erelhei-Cinlu and travel, under Lolth’s guidance, to the deepest reaches of the Underdark in search of Torog.

The Prop Shop

Sam, who plays Zebith, suggested the title “Kiss of the Spider-Woman” for the adventure that begins in this episode. In the Prop Shop, I explain just a little of the behind-the-scenes thinking that led to the first hour in Erelhei-Cinlu, and I offer a brief review of the few cards I’ve seen in the new Spiral of Tharizdun set of Fortune Cards from Wizards of the Coast (available in boxes and individual packs from Noble Knight). I also announce the first-ever Icosahedrophilia fund drive. When I started the podcast, I pledged never to put any Icosahedrophilia content behind a paywall or hold any content for ransom, and I intend to keep that promise. I am, however, running a little short on gaming funds just now, though there are several bits of gaming tech I’d like to add to our table (and you’d hear about them on the show). During the initial release of “Kiss of the Spider-Woman,” I’m making a special plea for listeners to either make a purchase of $20 or more from Noble Knight or donate a dollar or two directly to the show. Our Vorpal Network membership underwrites the expense of hosting the show, so any funds raised during the fund drive would help with some other gaming supplies and events that would in turn enrich the show’s content. If you’re able to support the show in one of these two ways, thank you! If you can’t, or choose not to, please continue to enjoy the show as usual, and forgive the annoying fund drive announcements during “Kiss of the Spider-Woman.”

Sea Shanties

As always, our theme and bumper music comes from “Racing the Wind” and “Gallows Jig” from the album Phantoms of the High Seas by Nox Arcana, ©2008 Monolith Graphics. This episode also features, in the background, “Still Waters” by Nox Arcana, also from Phantoms of the High Seas, and “City of the Dark Elves” by Jonn Ollsin, ©2010 Sonic Legends. All tracks are used by permission of the copyright holders.

I hope that you enjoy(ed) listening to “Kiss of the Spider-Woman, Part 1,” and that you’ll join us when the adventure continues in “Kiss of the Spider-Woman, Part 2″!


  1. @GLen: Before the session, Chris had asked for level 20 builds from all of us, so we knew something was up. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to play this session, but I did hear what happened. Let’s just say the PCs are going to need all the help they can get!

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