Icosahedrophilia Podcast, Episode 134: Errand of Mercy, Part 4

Welcome back, adventure fans, to the next installment in the adventures of the Broken Promise crew, presented in “Errand of Mercy, Part 4,” presented in episode 134 of the Icosahedrophilia podcast! Please listen now or subscribe via iTunes, Zune, or plain old RSS. In this episode, the crew visits the Bleak Carnival’s famous slave markets, finding two familiar faces among the slaves, and does some shopping in Maelbrathyr.

This episode features the following segments:

Weighing Anchor

Ethan Parker of the Gamer’s Haven podcast—also on the Vorpal Network—calls for your initiative roll.

The Staging Area

I briefly summarize the campaign backstory (referring listeners to the “Story Thus Far” recap episode for a more detailed history of the campaign). I also summarize “Revelations” and parts 1–3 of “Errand of Mercy.”

The Weather Report

The crew visits the Bleak Carnival’s famous slave markets, finding two familiar faces among the slaves—the faces of Moradin and Bahamut! Lithian hunts for Gretchen among the magic stalls in the Bleak Carnival, and the other crew members do some other shopping in Maelbrathyr.

The Prop Shop

There’s nothing to tell about physical props for this hour of play, so I use this episode’s Prop Shop to give you a behind-the-scenes look at some of the plot threads that get developed in this hour of play (including a review of the blink rock encounter, based on the blink rock terrain from p. 65 of Underdark.) I also give a mini-review of the new Legend of Drizzt board game—my Noble Knight featured product for this episode.

Sea Shanties

As always, our theme and bumper music comes from “Racing the Wind” and “Gallows Jig” from the album Phantoms of the High Seas by Nox Arcana, ©2008 Monolith Graphics. This episode also features, in the background, “Theatre of Sorrows,” “Haunted Carousel,” and “Pandora’s Music Box” by Nox Arcana, all from the album Carnival of Lost Souls, ©2006 Monolith Graphics. All tracks are used by permission of the copyright holders.

I hope that you enjoy(ed) listening to “Errand of Mercy, Part 4,” and that you’ll join us when the adventure continues in “Errand of Mercy, Part 5″!

3 Comments on Icosahedrophilia Podcast, Episode 134: Errand of Mercy, Part 4

  1. Chris, HOLY COW there is a LOT going on in this episode!

    Another great example of Combat Free 4E [CF4E], which I see as a design space currently being ignored, but that could use a lot more support from WotC–I mean I want to destroy Baba Yaga’s Hut as much as the next hero, but stuff like this is often a lot more fun/memorable. I would love to see some published adventures without any combat–if for no other reason than to see what it would look like…

    And, on a completely unrelated note, have you signed up for the next Fourthcore Team Death Match? Some very fun PbP D&D–likely the most fun I have had at a table all year:

    Thanks & Keep Doing what you are doing! David S.

  2. Hi, Chris- After starting to listen to your great podcast this past summer with Episode #1, I have finally just caught up with you guys at #134. Woo hoo! I wanted to say how much I appreciate all the work you do to prepare cool adventures for your players & then share an excellent podcast with the rest of us. One thing that I’ve been wondering since Episode #1, though… Just what is a “twenty-sided host”? Richard Y.

  3. I can haz part 5 plz?

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