Dungeon Tiles Index updated with the Witchlight Fens set

Those of you who follow or otherwise interact with me on Twitter or Facebook know that I recently took a long road trip with my family. We actually left town just before the broad (non-premier store) release of Dungeon Tiles set DN2, The Witchlight Fens. We got home Sunday afternoon, and since the tiles had been shipped to my office, I got my first chance to pull off the shrink-wrap on Monday night. I promptly updated the Dungeon Tiles Index, so if you’ve been waiting to purchase The Witchlight Fens until you knew what’s inside, now’s your chance!

The Witchlight Fens does not disappoint. As with all regular Dungeon Tiles releases (i.e., not Master Sets), this set gives you six double-sided sheets of cardboard tiles. All are flat; Wizards has made no attempts at 3D elements in this set, which I think is all to the good. As the name implies, this set is all about swamps. The large majority of tiles feature both grass and water in various combinations. Unless I have missed something important, you can actually build the sample location on the inside of the wraparound “cover” with just one copy of the set—a refreshing change from recent trends (I’m looking at you, Caverns of Icewind Dale). I always buy two copies of each new Dungeon Tiles set anyway, but more frugal DMs will be happy to know that you can do a good bit with just one copy, especially if you own Master Set: The Wilderness or other wilderness tile sets.

I give The Witchlight Fens ★★★★★ and highly recommend it to all DMs, especially should you choose to purchase it by following our links to FRP Games or Noble Knight (thereby supporting the Icosahedrophilia podcast). However, I do wish that Wizards would give us some tiles that are just water—nothing but water. We have lots of tiles now that abut water, but you can’t build a lake or pool bigger than 8×8 squares using the current tile offerings. A sheet of water on one side and, let’s say, wooden floors on the other side would find a warm welcome in my collection.

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  1. water with a few ship tiles would be nice

  2. If you’re looking for water tiles, you might want to check out a recent post of mine, titled… Water Tiles!


    Combined with a plexiglass grid (http://standardaction.wordpress.com/the-epic-game-board/), you could make an entire gaming surface with nothing but awesome twinkling water. All for around $10.

    Thanks for the review, I love swamps. One of my favorite encounter locations for sure.

    • That’s a very cool method for making water tiles! The only shortcoming for my own workflow is that they wouldn’t “tile” nicely with the Dungeon Tiles which have water on them. I still would like to have tiles of the same thickness and art style. Right now I use Paizo GameMastery maps to fill in the empty space when needed.

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