My Gamex 2011 schedule

Strategicon puts on three great little conventions every year in Los Angeles, down near LAX: OrcCon on President’s Day weekend, Gamex on Memorial Day weekend, and Gateway on Labor Day weekend. I’ve been attending these conventions irregularly for several years. My son and I had a blast at OrcCon, and when we return for Gamex, we’re bringing two of my son’s church friends with us! I had originally planned to have several large blocks of time for Crossroads demos, but (a) the materials won’t quite be printed yet (I just finished my proofing today, and the brand manager and game developer need to do their proofreading pass on Monday), and (b) I needed to jump in and volunteer to judge in order to make sure there were enough player seats available for my son and his friends to play! So this is what my schedule looks like for Gamex 2011:

Friday, May 27
Sometime until 6:00 PM — Crossroads demos in the board game area
7:00 PM — Playing in CORM1-1 The Black Knight of Arabel

Saturday, May 28
9:00 AM — Playing in WATE2-4 Stage Misdirection
2:00 PM — Judging PREQ3-1 Shrouded Visions
Sometime until 6:00 PM — Crossroads demos in the board game area
7:00 PM — Judging SPEC2-1 The Scourge of Scornubel

Sunday, May 299:00 AM — Playing in CORE2-4 Lost on the Golden Way
2:00 PM — Competing in the Iron GM contest

This schedule has worked out really well! If you’re also at Gamex 2011, I hope our paths cross! If you see me, stop me and say hi! Visit my umbrella landing page if you don’t know what I look like.

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  1. So jealous. I love that Con. Haven’T been since they changed hotels, but it sure takes me back to some good times… have fun!

  2. Chris, Fantastic–Thank you for posting this!

    Jack & I plan to be there on Sunday–playing LFR lvl12 again. I have signed up for the Iron GM [Jack's account is not adding--I will try later], in any event, Iron GM says it is 3.5–is that what you will be running?

    Also, will Crossroads be for sale or are you just doing Demos at Gamex? Thanks, David S.

  3. David, I look forward to seeing you and Jack again! Two things:

    1. Crossroads will not be on sale yet, but I plan to have my homemade demo kit with me. Our game mechanics developer and brand manager are working over the press proofs today. There are several small errors or problems that need to be corrected, things like an incorrect capitalization, misplaced punctuation mark, or color adjustment here and there. When we have those done, we’ll be ready to start our initial short print run, and then the mass release run thereafter.

    2. Iron GM standardizes on 3.5 SRD, but there is a proviso: GMs may petition their players to change the system. I will petition my table to use D&D 4e. However, if the table turns me down, I’ll run 3.5. I’m bringing my 3.5 core rulebooks just in case. I plan to make myself a cheat sheet to help me remember the differences. On the DM’s side, the main differences are in the combat crunch. In either case, I will expect the players to know what their characters can do, and I will trust them to play their characters with accurate mechanics.

  4. Chris, I’m also Playing in WATE2-4 Stage Misdirection on Saturday, and SPEC2-1 The Scourge of Scornubel on Sunday. So I look forward to gaming with you again, and I definitely want to be on your table on Sunday. Also, I’ve run Black Knight of Arabel for my previous game group. You’ll like it.

    • Rico, it will be great to see you again, and I hope we find ourselves playing at the same table! For the Iron GM stuff on Sunday, I think players are assigned to tables randomly, so who knows?

  5. Chris, I had a great time playing at your table last weekend. You’re a great DM. Three of my friends played at your table for Iron GM, and they all remarked at how much they enjoyed the experience. My friend, who’s been playing and DMing for over 30 years said you were great too.

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