An offer you can’t refuse

Well, most RPGers, at any rate, can hardly pass up an opportunity to talk about their favorite characters. Now DriveThruRPG is asking you to go on about your alter ego!

Remember: if you purchase anything at DriveThruRPG after following our links there, the Icosahedrophilia podcast gets a little bit of store credit to use on gaming materials with which we’ll enhance our own games, and thereby the podcast!

4 Comments on An offer you can’t refuse

  1. Favoritest character would have to be Halston Pendlehaven, a Gnome Artificer. He was the quintessential spaz from which all other spazzes were wrought. Most often heard saying “I’m reasonably sure this won’t explode.” an instant before using his creations. Though he had more than his share of randomness, Halston became the heart and soul of the group, eventually giving the group the edge they needed to defeat the big bad evil guy through his own sacrifice.

  2. Link broken… when I click the link, here’s what I see:

    Not Found

    The requested URL /rpg_character.php&affiliate_id=21153 was not found on this server.

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