Against the Giants gallery

Wizards of the Coast has put up the full gallery for the Against the Giants miniatures set, and most of the sculpts look really good. The Bugbear Lancebreaker stands out from the pack, and I’m eager to pull the two new dragonborn—though please, WotC, could you give us some dragonborn who aren’t fighters? How about a dragonborn cleric or arcanist? It will be nice to have a huge-sized Elder White Dragon in the mix, though the photograph of the Elder Red Dragon looks a bit “cartoonish” to me compared with the older Huge Red Dragon miniature. On the other hand, the new Roper looks a lot better than the old Roper. I’m a sucker for transparent plastic, so I’m jazzed by the Angel of Retribution, the Fire Bat, and the Fire Titan, as well as the Lurking Wraith (in gray; I already have the Free RPG Day version in blue). There’s lots of other goodness in this set, so check it out!

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